looma – kono


The elaborate and finely embossed patterns of the Looma “Kono” lampshades produce a beautiful play of light and colour.Available in three elegant color combinations.

Looma combines classic with innovative design. The lampshade consists of two printed high-tech foils, stuck together to different sized cylinders. Star-shaped metal holders keep the shades in form from the inside and at a safe distance from the light bulb. The round perforations in the Looma’s foils and the pyramid structure of the lamp’s cylinders create atmospheric reflections and also provide targeted lighting beneath the lampshade.

To match the various designs, different colour cords are available in plastic or textile designs. We also sell warm-glow halogenlightz.

Graphic-Design: Rike Weiger & Katrin Wiens
Product-Design: Dick Lundgren


  • Diameter: 34 cm / Height: 23 cm
  • Environmentally friendly manufacturing
  • 100% fire-safe
  • CE certified
  • Manufactured under fair conditions
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