juno – string along


Crosshairs of bright colours span around the Juno “String Along” adding a delicate and playful touch to this lampshade. “String Along” is available in two colour combinations: white/coloured and blue/coloured.

Juno is a decorative, globular pendant, based on a completely new design principle. Made up of ten paper rhombuses, colourful elastic bands hold the structure together. The individual paper elements are cut at the edges in arcs and have two incisions to hold the rubber bands in place. In combination with the feather cuts, the patterns and perforations in the paper rhombuses create a beautiful play of light and shadow. The safety gap between the lampshade and the light bulb is secured by a three-part gap holder inside the lamp, developed and patented by earth friendly. Juno is available in ten colourful designs.

To match the various designs, different colour cords are available in plastic or textile designs. We also sell warm-glow halogenlightz.

Graphic-Design: Rike Weiger & Katrin Wiens
Product-Design: Thies Wulf & Svenja Hotop


  • Diameter: 36 cm
  • Environmentally friendly manufacturing
  • 100% fire-safe
  • CE certified
  • Manufactured under fair conditions
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