worker stories

Aarti Korgaonkar


I am housewife and being housewife and a mother I have to satisfy each and every needs of my family. My husband is very good worker and he works very hard to keep all of us financially happy. But sometimes to keep us happy he has to sacrifice his dreams. I always wanted to help my husband to achieve his dreams and I would really like to thank earth friendly for giving me chance to do so. I started my job career in a small organization called Art Juna, but as this was seasonal business, I did not get enough salary and also duty was only for six months per year, so I left that job and found opportunity to work for earth friendly. The offer from earth friendly was fantastic offer. The salary was the best in the industry, so I grabbed this opportunity. Crafting is my passion and earth friendly made my passion as profession. I found the working environment in earth friendly very friendly, all my seniors and colleagues are very co-operative and motivating. Since my service in earth friendly I am doing savings and on top we get very good bonus. I am proud and happy to say that I am an independent woman who can take care of her family, all credits to earth friendly. Since I started working in earth friendly I have seen lots of improvements inside me, practically as well as mentally. Earth friendly taught me the teamwork and its result, I feel one can achieve any result if you have a good team spirit and teamwork. I enjoy lot making the products, which illuminates lives, and feel very proud when I see these lamps illuminating the houses or shops of customers. I love working in earth friendly at this level and continue working on same level throughout my career in earth friendly where I can fulfil my passion and go home with a relaxed mind with no stress so that I can fully concentrate on my family life. One of the biggest achievements in my life is we have build our own house and I feel proud to share my financial contribution with my husband in achieving his dream, thank you earth friendly….

Francis Bijjam


I was 23 years old when I joined earth friendly in 2008. I would like to share a small story with you about how I joined earth friendly: I belong to a middle class family, where our only source of income was our father who is in painting business. Because of financial crises I was not able to continue my studies so in between my teen age I joined my father’s business of painting, as my father was painter. I had like a god’s gift few of my father’s inborn quality so I was proving to be very good painter but still we were financially only good enough to eat two time food. Once we got opportunity to paint Mr Alex’s (one of our MD) house. So me and my father went to his place, we did painting and finished the job. One of the best qualities of Alex sir is he reads the quality of the person perfectly, so while painting he used to look at my style of painting and he found in myself a good craftsmanship. After few days Alex sir and Mr Bibu (our production manager) visited my house to meet me but unfortunately I was not at home, so they left a massage that they would like to speak with me. Next day I got a phone call of Alex sir, my English was very weak so I always use to avoid speaking English. But while speaking with Alex sir I felt very comfortable, this was all because of Alex sir, he made me so comfortable that I never realized I was weak in English. He understood perfectly my problems, which I shared and gave me very good offer to work for earth friendly, which I accepted. So this is how my carrier with earth friendly started… When I joined, Alex sir himself used to train me, he taught me many craftsmen skills. At initial stage I found it little difficult but as time passed I was very confirmable in executing the task. I found myself improving a lot in my skills, my communication and most important my quality of work. It was Alex sir who taught me the importance of quality, not only in professional life but also in my personal life. We get very good yearly bonus in earth friendly also very good salary which helped me to do savings and I am very proud to say that I made myself capable to buy a plot in my village which is one of my greatest achievements till now, which was impossible without earth friendly. Talking about earth friendly, the work culture is simply fantastic, we get very good support and guidance from our seniors and as I am in product development I get chance to learn new things, new techniques for product development. I have completed more than five years in earth friendly and I am very happy to continue my service to earth friendly. I want to learn and expertise my self and make my capable so that in future being senior I can teach guide my juniors executing their jobs with high quality and great speed. Thank you earth friendly…..



I feel proud sharing my feelings about my earth friendly company. I joined earth friendly in 2001 and completed more than 12 years in this company, I have seen and experienced the growing of this company from small unit to a big company. I have worked in different positions and gained lot of work experience and now I am working as senior executive of the creative team. Here we do lot of product development for the company and my experience helps me lot in executing it. Our company’s directors are very co-operative, they have supported me a lot, specially our director Alex. He always supported and motivated me since I started my career at earth friendly and I will be happy to seek more support and guidance from him in my future career in earth friendly. With Alex’s support I have grown and matured, with great crafting skills. In fact all our directors have guided me to work hard and achieve great results. One of the good thing about our directors is they share part of the company’s profits among every employees and as a result we get very good bonus. Our company gives high importance to values like kindness, beauty, creativity, integrity and quality which helps keeping the work environment very good, not only within the company but even in our personal lives. I learned from Alex that nothing is impossible if we are willing to do it. Hard work is one of the key requirements for success. Our directors have placed a lot of trust in us so it becomes our duty to maintain and fulfil their expectations. My personal life has improved a lot since I joined earth friendly, I am lot more disciplined person, quality conscious and most importantly I have developed earth friendliness in my heart, I love and I care for nature. I have improved my financial status and my standard of living. I want to continue working for earth friendly till I retire, and want to see our company grow to be a bigger company by giving employment to many local people specially housewives. All the best to earth friendly…



I joined earth friendly on 19th may 2010 before that I was working for a pharmaceutical company on temporary basis. I was told that the management of earth friendly is very professional and if they find my performance good then they will make me permanent, and I found it very correct. After my completion of six months, I was given a confirmation letter.  Since my childhood I was very good in crafting, so I was performing very well in my job. There is also a big contribution of my seniors behind my performance, they all were very supportive and motivated me to perform well. I belong to middle class family, and my mother is only support I have. We are staying at our uncle’s (mother’s brother) place, and I feel it’s the biggest support from my uncle and can’t ask for more. I did not want to bother my uncle more so I left my studies when I was in 12th standard, and I started doing small jobs. I always wanted to go to college but felt bit unfortunate. After joining earth friendly I got the feeling like I am in college, every day I get new things to learn, I get guidance, appreciations or sometimes disciplinary advise but this always helped me to improve more. All my colleagues are like my friends, we all have lot of fun. But this college gives us a salary, I am the only source of income of my family and I found earth friendly is giving a very good salary compared to any companies around, so I can save for my future and also take very good care of my mother. Challenges make our life exciting, and in earth friendly we always have to face challenges. One of the challenges I want to face is assembling 100 stars per day, and I am working very hard to achieve it, this is not challenge given by any one but its a challenge given by me to myself out of my own interest. Work experience in earth friendly is very useful, we can even use this experience and ideas in our day to day life. I have completed more than three years at earth friendly, and I have managed to renovate my house (part of uncle’s house) beautifully and my uncle always complements me for the same. Now I can think of getting settled in my life. The financial preparation has already started since three years back. I have also improved a lot, matured enough to take my own decisions, my communication skills also improved so now I can talk with confidence with anyone or everyone, my crafting skills are fantastic and I have learned lots of creative ideas. My next challenge is to help earth friendly to grow as a large company, dealing with many, many more products and I want to train many new operators and develop them to be better operators than me. Thank you earth friendly for every thing….