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We prize originality and creativity in our products. That’s why every year we develop a wide variety of collections with new colours and patterns together with international designers. The range can go from classic to stylish trendsetting lamps.

designer: rike weiger berlin, deutschland

Rike Weiger has explored nearly all of India and remains in awe of the beauty of its people and nature – its sheer diversity and mythological depth. A country as rich in impressions as India is the ideal source of inspiration for earth friendly’s ever-growing collection. As creative director at earth friendly, Rike has acted as a consultant to the company for the past 17 years. Her style is a mix of colours influenced by the east and the Orient coupled with modern forms and graphics. Using these sources of inspiration and fascination, the Berlin-based designer is always reinventing and refining the traditional in the context of the modern. Rike‘s elaborate portfolio of design work and consulting also includes logos/corporate identities, packaging, CD covers, catalogues, illustration, product ideas and more for record labels, DJs, fashion & cosmetics companies.

starlightz-design: airy, damaskus, frankie, geeta, happy moon, jaipur, kalea, laxmi, maharaja, marrakesh, mercury, mia, mono, mono small, monsoon, norah, pax, rani, spumante, taj, the brave prince, the queens, siluett, starlet, swati

graphic-design: junolooma 

katrin wiens
designer: katrin wiens new york, usa

Katrin Wiens is a German illustrator who has lived in New York since 1999 working within the beauty, fashion, and music industries. After her studies in Germany a prestigious art grant enabled Katrin to go to Tokyo. This seminal influence on her work explains her current whereabouts in Asia. Katrin’s definitive passion for patterns and colours led her to launch her own fashion label, pepper+pistol. Within four years it has gained a reputation for its original textile prints and embellishments, T-shirt graphics, bold colour schemes and one-of-a-kind chunky handknits. The collections are sold internationally in specially selected fashion boutiques, from New York to Tokyo. Katrin’s latest venture is the fashion activism label nakedheel, launched with a series of silk scarves & shopping totes to honour and help the pelicans hit by the Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

starlightz-design: ren, rokoko

graphic-design: junolooma 

designer: bärbel speck-schifferer baden-baden, deutschland

Bärbel Speck-Schifferer, Baden-Baden, Deutschland Since her passing design degree, Bärbel Speck-Schifferer has worked freelance in a wide range of fields. The focus of her work is on cooking and table culture, objects for home and garden, stationary and packaging. Bärbel also works as a design consultant and develops product ideas, concepts and artwork with a focus on design with a soul.

starlightz-design: furnace
lotta odelius
designer: lotta odelius stockhom, sweden

Lotta Odelius is a Swedish designer with her own studio in Stockholm. She combines product and pattern design in a variety of projects and regularly creates glass and ceramic wares intended for the home. She also has extensive experience designing paper products and their patterns on stationary, notebooks and wrapping paper. Lotta strives to create functional products that inspire and brighten everyday life. Her style is clean, yet playful with roots in Scandinavian design.

starlightz-design: kurbits, lotta
designer: thies wulf berlin, deutschland

THIES WULF PROJECTS is a Berlin-based design studio specialized in brand spaces, products, research and strategic consulting. Our conceptual strength derives from the framework of fine arts, exclusive scenography and classical industrial design. We consider ourselves as having a great sense for materials and trends – from vintage to futuristic. By nature we need to dive into it in order to create new and exciting spaces and products respectively. THIES WULF PROJECTS stands for a clear conceptual design language, detail-rich and innovative in construction and components. Our award-winning designs links traditional with contemporary viewpoints in an outstanding, fascinating and thrilling manner. Our expertise in style and function applies to retail designs, fair booths, brand spaces. showrooms, restaurants, all kinds of pop-up concepts as well as hotel interiors. Since 2007 we are a partner of DESIGN HOTELS  as well as board members of ARCADEMI.COM

product-design: juno 

designer: svenja hotop berlin, deutschland

Svenja Hotop is an independent product and interior designer based in Berlin. After her studies at the School of Art in Braunschweig, she worked for Artefakt, a renowned design studio in Darmstadt, as a designer and project manager. Besides her refined paper creations for earth friendly, she develops furniture, interior designs for offices and trade-fair installations together with Thies Wulf. She also designs living spaces for architectural visualizations for eve-images. She is also responsible for shape design of ice-cream products for a new Berlin Food Lab. Her works are as practical as they are charming.

product-design: juno 

designer: dick lundgren stockholm, schweden

Award-winning designer Dick Lundgren started his studio Men at Work in Stockholm, Sweden, back in 1991. His clear-cut style is pure Scandinavian and his objects often come with a clever, sometimes even poetic twist.

product-design: looma